Professional/Industrial High Pressure washers & Water Blasters

Eurotrecks in Saudi Arabia delivers most professional high-pressure washers, Mobile Pressure washers, Stationary Pressure washers, Petrol /Diesel engine power High-pressure washers, Electric power high-pressure washers.

Eurotecks in Saudi Arabia imports High-Pressure washer Machines that made in Italy. For Various cleaning applications in everyday life, be it in Car/truck washing, Kitchen Cleaning, Agricultural Industry, Poultry Industry, Dairy Industry, Oil& Gas, remove sticky dirt, moss, lichens, bird droppings, moisture stains, chewing gums and food residues from the driveway or the garden walls of your house. Heavy Equipment, building & Construction, Food industry, mobile cold water high-pressure washers “Water pressure” and “Flow” are two key parameters to assess your cleaning machine’s strength.

The role of pressure is to detach dirt from surfaces.

The flow is the quantity of water coming across a section in a given unit of time. The flow carries away the dirt separated by the pressure.

Euroteckds High-Pressure washer Machines by Eurotrecks comes with various models for cold and hot water.

Cold Water – High Pressure Washers

Hot Water – High Pressure Washers

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