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Professional/Industrial High-Pressure Washers & Water Blasters

Eurotecks in Saudi Arabia delivers the most professional high-pressure washers, Mobile Pressure washers, Stationary Pressure washers, Petrol /Diesel engine power High-pressure washers, Electric power high-pressure washers.

Eurotecks in Saudi Arabia imports High-Pressure washer Machines that made in Italy. For Various cleaning applications in everyday life, be it in Car/truck washing, Kitchen Cleaning, Agricultural Industry, Poultry Industry, Dairy Industry, Oil& Gas, remove sticky dirt, moss, lichens, bird droppings, moisture stains, chewing gums, and food residues from the driveway or the garden walls of your house. Heavy Equipment, building & Construction, Food industry, mobile cold water high-pressure washers “Water pressure” and “Flow” are two key parameters to assess your cleaning machine’s strength.

The role of high-pressure washers is to detach dirt from surfaces. The flow is the quantity of water coming across a section in a given unit of time. The flow carries away the dirt separated by the pressure. Our High-Pressure washer Machines are available in various models for cold and hot water.

Cold Water – High-Pressure Washers

Cold Water – High-Pressure Washers

Hot Water – High-Pressure Washers

Hot Water – High-Pressure Washers

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