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Eurotecks is the major supplier of Street/Road Cleaning Sweeper Machines and Industrial Sweeper machines in Saudi Arabia. We bring you the quality street cleaning Sweeper machines and Industrial sweeper machines from renowned European brands from Germany and Italy. They used it to clean up parking lots, multi-level parking, cornice areas, public places, Bus stations, Railway station parking, Airport parking, and abundant area parking and streets in Saudi Arabia. Both Indoor and Outdoor cleaning sweeper machines are available in Battery Power, Diesel, Petrol, and LPG.

Key Features of Street Sweeper Machines 

  • Patented garbage system
  • Large 25 l tank easy to empty
  • Height-adjustable brush
  • Auto-Stop System
  • Dust Control – Electric filter shaker
  • Robust – Rotor-moulding structure
  • Hand pushed sweeping machine for excellent manual sweeping.
  • It is Sturdy, rust-free, light-weight, heavy-duty self-collecting dirt hopper.
  • It is incorporated with new innovative anti-wrap technology- which facilitates easy cleaning.
  • Ergonomic handle with height adjustment to suit the operator’s height.
  • Newly designed split-half brushes ensure easy replacement, when necessary.Sweeping performance up to 2600 sq. Per hour.
  • Suitable for both Indoor & Outdoors

Walk Behind Sweepers

Eurotecks Walk-behind sweepers, pedestrian or manual sweepers, are a category of floor-sweeping machines, known for being exceptionally agile and easy to handle. Our battery-powered pedestrian sweepers offer an easy solution to dirt and debris collection in small to medium-sized industrial areas. It is also equipped with exclusive SSC™ technology, allowing the sweeper to be used on the carpet. Our Walk-behind Sweepers are Ideal to clean small and medium areas with maximum efficiency for cleaning small spaces.

Agility and manageability make pedestrian sweepers the best choice for efficient sweeping in short and medium-size regions or highly crowded spaces.

Walk Behind Sweepers

Ride On Sweepers

Ride On Sweepers

Ride-on sweepers differ from the others because the user sits on-board to operate the machine. Eurotrecks industrial floor sweepers with traction are designed for high productivity and a comfortable driving position for the operator. It makes them high performing sweepers ideal for medium to large surfaces. As these ride-on floor sweepers are motorized (via a combustion engine or battery), they can be fitted with large brushes and debris containers and have powerful forward speed.

These high performing sweepers are ideal for medium to large surfaces. They have a full sweeping path, bigger debris containers, and powerful vacuum and filtration systems. Big machines for high performance, offer the operator a comfortable driving position and ergonomic seat and wheel. Eurotrecks range of industrial ride-on sweepers includes the 155, 165,175,195, 1450, meaning there is a wide choice of models: battery, diesel, petrol or LPG powered.

Outdoor-Litter Pick Up Vacuum Machines

Eurotecks Outdoor-Litter Picks Up Vacuum machines TSM ARIA 240 is the electric waste vacuum cleaner silent and with zero emissions, suitable for cleaning private and public areas, allowing cleaning operations at any time of day, even in crowded areas. Thanks to the cutting-edge innovative Follow Me system mounted, the TSM ARIAMATIC can recognize the operator and follow his movements even in a crowded city context. It is the first automatic filter cleaning system installed on-board so that the operator can perform cleaning activities without worrying about keeping the filter cleaned from the dust manually.

In this way, the time to the filter’s maintenance gets reduced, guaranteeing constant collection efficiency. The mechanical-suction street sweeper TSM ITALA 135 is maneuverable and much quieter than the traditional urban machines. It represents a new concept of road cleaning machine that is particularly suitable for cleaning private and public spaces, including sidewalks, areas, pedestrian, and historical centres.

Outdoor-Litter Pick Up Vacuum Machines

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