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We set the standard for excellence, and our innovative solutions keep us ahead of the rest, with years of experience and a proven track record, choose us and let us help you excel and soar.

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Our Service Packages

Our carefully curated service packages are designed to offer comprehensive care for various requirements, ensuring a thorough approach to addressing specific concerns.

  • RMC

    Routine Maintenance Checkup, consectetur adi piscing semper turpis. Nullam eget luctlie gula and adipiscing elit.

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  • Super-SP-RMC

    Routine Maintainance Checkup with Spare Parts semper turpis. Nullam eget luctlie gula and adipiscing elit.

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  • AMC

    Annual Maintenance Contract consectetur adi piscing semper turpis. Nullam eget luctlie gula and adipiscing elit.

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  • Eurotecks maintains stringent measures to ensure both quality and consistency in its cleaning services.
    1. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Implementing clear and detailed SOPs for each type of cleaning service to maintain a standardized approach.
    2. Quality Control Inspections: Conducting regular quality control inspections to assess the cleanliness of treated areas and identify any areas that may require additional attention.
    3. Training Programs: Continuous training for our cleaning professionals to stay updated on the latest cleaning techniques, technologies, and industry best practices.
    4. Advanced Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge cleaning equipment and technology to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring consistent results.
    5. Quality Assurance Teams: Dedicated teams focused on quality assurance, monitoring performance and implementing improvements as needed.
    Eurotecks is committed to delivering reliable, high-quality cleaning services consistently, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.

  • Eurotecks caters to a diverse range of industries, providing specialized cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of each sector. Some of the industries Eurotecks serves include:
    1. Manufacturing: Cleaning solutions for industrial facilities, machinery, and production areas.
    2. Healthcare: Specialized cleaning services for hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities to maintain high levels of hygiene.
    3. Hospitality: Cleaning solutions for hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments to ensure a clean and inviting environment.
    4. Commercial Spaces: Services for offices, retail spaces, and commercial buildings to create a clean and productive work environment.
    5. Food Processing: Cleaning solutions designed for the unique challenges of food processing plants and facilities.
    6. Educational Institutions: Cleaning services for schools, colleges, and universities to create a safe and healthy learning environment.
    7. Warehousing and Logistics: Cleaning solutions for warehouses and logistics centers, addressing the specific cleanliness requirements of storage and distribution spaces.

  • Eurotecks is committed to providing comprehensive post-cleaning support to ensure ongoing satisfaction and optimal maintenance. Our post-cleaning services include:
    1. Follow-up Inspections: Regular follow-up inspections to assess the continued effectiveness of our cleaning solutions and address any emerging concerns.
    2. Customer Helpline: A dedicated helpline for clients to reach out with questions, concerns, or requests for additional assistance.
    3. Training Programs: Ongoing training programs for your staff to ensure they are well-equipped to maintain cleanliness and follow recommended practices.
    4. Product Maintenance Guidance: Clear guidelines on the proper care and maintenance of cleaned areas, including advice on products or practices that can extend the longevity of the cleaning results.
    5. Emergency Response Team: Rapid response to any unexpected cleaning challenges or emergencies, demonstrating our commitment to your facility's cleanliness

  • Eurotecks ensures the authenticity of spare parts used in repairs through the following measures:
    1. Authorized Suppliers: We source spare parts directly from authorized suppliers and reputable manufacturers to guarantee their authenticity.
    2. Verification Processes: Rigorous verification processes are in place to ensure that the spare parts meet the required quality standards and specifications.
    3. Quality Control: Eurotecks implements strict quality control measures at every stage, from procurement to installation, to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the spare parts.
    4. Documentation: Comprehensive documentation accompanies each spare part, including details about its origin, specifications, and compliance with industry standards.
    By adhering to these practices, Eurotecks aims to provide customers with genuine and reliable spare parts, contributing to the overall effectiveness and longevity of the repaired equipment.

  • Eurotecks provides service and spare parts for a comprehensive range of cleaning equipment brands. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to supporting various brands, ensuring that our clients receive expert service and genuine spare parts for their cleaning equipment, regardless of the brand. Whether you have equipment from well-known manufacturers or niche brands, Eurotecks is dedicated to delivering reliable service and high-quality spare parts to keep your cleaning equipment in optimal condition.

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