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The robotic waste vacuum cleaner Ariamatic 240 is defined as the urban electric vacuum cleaner of the future, as it is totally new concept of self-propelled urban vacuum cleaners able to change the way urban areas and historic centers are cleaned.


In fact, the Ariamatic 240 is the first electric street vacuum cleaner in the world with autonomous driving, equipped with the innovative Follow-Me system by TSM that identifies and follows the operator autonomously during cleaning his activities, both in urban centers and in industrial contexts. This revolutionary robotic waste vacuum cleaner allows you to work in full autonomy, and to free yourself from the management of vehicle traction, thus being able to move in total agility among obstacles of the city center. The big batteries installed not only guarantee respect for the environment as no carbon dioxide is produced but also guarantee more than 14 hours of working autonomy, with an incredible suction capacity to collect even 2-liter bottles of water.

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