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Walk Behind Sweeper 512

Walk Behind Sweeper 512

Model: ET-IPC-512

Category: Walk Behind Sweepers

Product Details

IPC Walk Behind Sweeper 512, a powerhouse designed to maximize productivity and efficiency in commercial and industrial cleaning applications. With a generous 500 mm main brush path, this sweeper covers up to 2450 m² per hour, ensuring thorough cleaning in medium-sized spaces with ease.


Powered by a robust 12 V voltage system, the IPC 512 features an installed power of 320 W/HP, delivering reliable performance across various floor surfaces. It includes a spacious 50-liter hopper capacity, reducing downtime for emptying and enhancing operational efficiency.


The IPC Walk Behind Sweeper 512 is engineered for user-friendly operation, reaching a maximum speed of 3.5 km/h for efficient maneuverability.


Whether used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or outdoor areas, its ergonomic design and intuitive controls provide operators with exceptional handling and control.

Technical Data


Main Brush Cleaning Path Width 500 mm
Side Brush Cleaning Path Width 700 mm
Max Theoretical Productivity 2450 m2 /h
Voltage 12 V-Ah
Installed Power 320 W /HP
Hopper Capacity 50 L
Hopper Discharge System Low-Manual Type/mm
Filtering Surface 2,9 m2
Fylter Type Panel-paper
Max Speed 3,5 KM/H
Max Climb 2 %
Weight Without Batteries 78 KG
Dimension (LxWxH) 1225x753x903 mm

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