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SCH. 2064 Vacuum Tankers & Trucks

SCH. 2064 Vacuum Tankers & Trucks

Model: ET-SB-SCH. 2064

Category: Industrial Vacuum Tankers & Trucks

Product Details

SCH. 2064 outfitting involves a collection container with capacity from 3.5 to 7 m³. Installed on the platform, it is offered with a two-arm overturning system and hydraulic bottom opening controlled via push-button panel. Outfitting can be fully customised and coupled with the most suitable Sibilia vacuum units for customer needs.

There are numerous options for outfitting the SCH. 2064 unit in order to obtain ATEX certification.

Technical Data


S.8 Central
S.10 Central
S.20 Central X
S.30 Central X
S.40 Central X

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